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A logo or brand identity tells the story you communicate to your audience. A well-executed and thought out concept helps you tell your story in a way you want told. In the same way people use metaphors to describe something, a concept helps to describe your brand. As the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Let us help you create or re-create a logo and identity worth telling a story.

Our Process

Once we have an initial conversation with you of what is important, what message you want to convey, what tone you want to set, and so on, we will then start researching, brainstorming and sketching concepts. Once we are confident in the quality of a few concepts, we will then present to you a few concepts with explanation of the research and design process behind it. Often the first presentation is a start to something exciting and great. We will then take your feedback, go back to the drawing board, and perfect your logo.

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