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How do you measure ROI on your social media efforts?

Social Media is probably the most overused, misunderstood word of this decade. By design we are social creatures, and to some extent media has always been social, just not always as easily interactive. At the end of the day, remember media is just that — media.

Social media networks are simply digital networks that allow people to interact digitally. Activity is just activity, and unless this activity generates the behavior you want as a business owner or manager, what value is it to you? Being able to capitalize on this “social capital” is where the value is to you, the business owner. Sounds simple, but many businesses and social media “experts” simply don’t know how to filter through the noise to communicate the value to both the consumer and the business. That’s where we come in…

Social business is a process that radically changes the way companies (who understand how to leverage social media networks) do business. In our opinion, every business should become more socially aware of how they are perceived by their audiences. By conducting proper social business, the following benefits can be achieved.

  • Awareness of how people (your audience) is interacting in digital experiences.
  • Understand the sentiment your audience feels about your brand.
  • Improved consumer confidence and trust.
  • Cost-efficient ways of finding new customers.
  • Your employees need to be digital ambassadors for you; helping manage your online reputation to bring good, valuable outcomes. Think of social networks as your online customer service department.
  • You can learn quickly (from failures, successes, or ideas). You can learn from online reviews (good or bad), react accordingly, measure results, and improve quickly and cheaply. Fail quickly, learn and get better.

Remember, people do business with people, not companies; if you’re not leveraging online channels, you’re losing customers. Engage them. What’s that, your social media “expert” didn’t mention any of this? It’s time to engage with someone who truly understands social business.

Our firm offers each client a monthly summary on the ROI of their social media efforts so you know what you’re getting and what it all means. Contact us today for a free evaluation of your social media efforts, and see how a true professional can help change the way you view social media.

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