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Client Worksheets

The Law of the Lid is the idea that your own leadership capabilities put a “lid” on the future success of your business. The Law of the Lid is a great way to measure your leadership capabilities. As much as we want you and your marketing projects be successful, it’s also important that we help empower you and your team leaders with knowledge on how best to lead your business into future success!

We have created some helpful worksheets in order for you to do just this – take advantage now by reading some of these resources.

Some of these worksheets go along with our videos, and some are standalone.

If there is anything else our team can do to help grow your business or become better leaders ourselves, just let us know at any time- clear communication will always lead towards better results!

To your success!

~ Steven & the SYN3RGY team

Simply click on a worksheet topic on the right (or below on mobile) to view the worksheet on that topic.

We encourage you for any fillable worksheets that you fill out, to please share them with us so we can implement your feedback into your marketing program

General Resources